My parents are worriers. They’ve trained me well in not only purchasing a new SIM card for every country I visit so I am accessible “in case of an emergency”, but also for checking-in via email at every possible moment (often on the dirtiest of keyboards that require copious amounts of hand sanitizer afterwards). As such, I’ve taken to writing detailed descriptions of my adventures over the years, and branched out to include like-minded friends who also appreciate updates. That’s what this blog is – a personal recount of my adventures, but equally for anyone who enjoys travel as much as I do.

After writing numerous emails and chewing up my friend’s bandwidth with image files, I realized it’s much easier to maintain a blog. This way, it’s also easier for those friends to ignore who said the token “keep me updated with your travels” yet you know never read one of your emails when you did write!

As it’s already 2009, I feel like I’m late on the blogging-bandwagon, so I have inserted all the e-mails I have written about my overseas adventures from 2009, and will endeavour to keep it up-to-date!

I left home on July 4th 2009, and so far have visited:


– Lituania

– Latvia

– Estonia

– Finland

– Sweden

– England

– Scotland

– Spain

– Morocco

– Croatia

– Portugal

– Germany

– Netherlands

– Belgium

– Argentina

– Uruguay


– Switzerland

– Iceland

– Greece

– Austria




– Fiji


– Brunei

– Malaysia


– China

– Mongolia

– Russia


– Greenland

Other countries I have visited include:
– Canada
– Vanuatu
– Mexico


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  1. Girl, it’s hard not to be jealous of your adventurous life (all except the bathroom situation 🙂 Just to give you some hope–there are some civilized men in this world, atleast 5 I know! ) I’m glad the teaching has gotten better and you found a church. Wow! You’re at one of the world’s most famous ones! Hope your retreat goes well. Keep us updated!

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